Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Top 10 Beauty Influencers? Forbes You Effed up, sis!

I'm here with another chitchat blogpost, y'all!! :D So I think we all have seen the article floating around with Forbes introducing their "Top 10 Beauty Influencers" of this year (even though we just hit the second quarter of the year *insert eye roll* Like sis, where's the logic?). If you haven't, here it is! Now I don't think that there was much wrong with the list (yes I did). Although I don't believe that Jeffree Star nor Manny Mua should've been on that list. I cannot consider them influencers, especially JS. But I truly digress lol! However, the main issue was that not one black beauty influencer was apart of that list. We have a slew of black YouTube Vloggers, a few who have reached 1 Million subbies at that. & who have a heavy following on Instagram! & for this, I will give you MY Top 10 BLACK Beauty Influencers! 

To be honest, I am not upset, I am just more disappointed they couldn't include one black beauty influencer. I can see if this had to do with longevity or the massive amount of accomplishments from doing YouTube. But Jeffree Star wouldn't even be up there honestly if that were the case. Although he may have been known since MySpace days for mostly his music (I know this because I followed JS back in those days & listened to his music!). He wasn't a beauty guru when Michelle Phan, Wayne Goss & the likes, were involved in YouTube. If anything, they should have put Patrick Star up there if we really want to be technical here. Considering he now works with major celebs & has come so far! So Forbes decided since JS wasn't enough, why not included his left ball sack, Manny as well. *insert eye roll* Huge slap to Patrick, honestly. The other choices, they were well deserved. They each have been on YouTube for years now! I just think that list needs to be re-done or at least extended. & add more influencers, including black influencers as well. Heck, we have a ton of male beauty influencers (& hell nah, I am not thinking of James Charles! *insert major eye roll*)! We've got HeFlawless, Bretman Rock, Stahr Milan, MalibuDollface, Gabriel Zamora, Mac Daddy, Michael Finch just to name a few.

I know someone reading this, is probably thinking I sound like a hater or that I am super envious! That may or may not be the case, but I absolutely do not care what anyone thinks. This is the truth! Jackie Aina, Jennie Jenkins, Destiny Godley, just to name a few, have been the very ladies i've been watching for years now! I think we all know Jackie when she use to be LilPumpkin05! It was hard watching YouTube back in the day. Couldn't ever find too many YouTubers that looked like me & did makeup. I learned so much from them, I still do! I love their attitudes, their drive. Their confidence. They're also really sweet! It's hard to come by gurus that are humble about their success. I've heard some terrible stories from other folks who have had bad experiences with meeting some gurus at events or just in public.

One way or another, the individuals on my list have influenced so many individuals, myself included! & I couldn't be more proud to write up this post & feature them. My blogpost may not go viral, but that's alright! I want folks to see, that there is so much more out there than just a Nikkie Tutorials or a Zoella (not that I have anything against those two amazing women!) But let's be real here folks :/ I honestly thought I would see Jackie Aina on that list. I really did. I truly expected to see her. So it was a shock to me that there wasn't not one POC. Or even Latina! Desi Perkins, Chrisspy, Lustrelux (Katy), Nicole Guerriero, have been in this YouTube world for yearsssss as well! I use to always watch Chrisspy. She put me on to NYC liquid liner! These women have major influence. Shame on Forbes for not digging deeper & expanding their list to even up to 25 or 50!

& this isn't to take away from the ones chosen (yes it is lol!) however, why do we continue to prove ourselves time & time again?? We're just as good, if not probably better. & not one POC could even be recognized on such a short list? I have a feeling someone at Forbes googled "most popular beauty gurus" & these folks popped up lol! When I saw Wayne Goss post on his FB that he was featured in the article, I was sooo excited! My excitement then came crashing down when I saw A) JS & Manny & 2) not a single POC. Not one. Like how is that even possible? Are they only here to influence non-POC? Can't even tell you how many times, when I started watching YouTube, how I've watched ShannonXO (who, btw, I absolute love & I congratulate her immensely for her success). Thinking I can do the same eye looks & foundation routines. When it was just too different for me! Which is why I think it's important to encourage our black beauty influencers. & also acknowledge from time to time.

We need folks to know, we have far more beauty influencers than the ones Forbes listed. I applaud each & every influencer on that Forbes list, I honestly do! They've all come a long way & it's so hard now, more than ever before, to be a beauty influencer. Furthermore, I want to applaud these folks down below on my list as well! We've seen them grow, we've seen them lived their dreams or are just starting to, & it gives us a little reminder that we shouldn't give up! You never know what curveball life is going to throw at you.

Anyhow, here's my list! I hope I did these folks some justice :D It was more than 10 but oh well lol! *kanye shrug* Any other folks I am missing?? Please list them below & I will update this list! 

Poetic Drugs (81.2K IG Followers)
Jackie Aina (481K IG Followers, 1M Subs)
Jennie Jenkins (389K IG Followers, 605K Subs)
Makeup Shayla (2.4M IG Followers, 389K Subs)
Alyssa Forever (506K IG Followers, 1M Subs)
Irisbeilin (610K IG Followers, 791K Subs)
Sonjdra Deluxe (1M IG Followers, 754K Subs)
Ellarie (1.2M IG Followers, 312K Subs)
Teaira Walker (205K IG Followers, 422K Subs)
Rayce Boyce (1.5M IG Followers, 1.5M Subs)
Monica Style Muse (59.7K IG Followers, 100K Subs)
Shalom Blac (342K IG Followers, 276K Subs)
Ella Thai (48.8K IG Followers)
Patricia Bright (554K IG Followers, 1M Subs)
Ms Rosh Posh (641K IG Followers, 546K Subs)
Brittanie Evans (505K IG Followers)
Nitra B (183K IG Followers, 631K Subs)
Goldenxoo (35.1K IG Followers)
Allyiah Gainer (82.8K IG Followers, 125K Subs)
Missy Lynn (387K IG Followers, 519K Subs)
Bria Hall (216K IG Followers, 468K Subs)
MakeupD0ll (234K IG Followers, 572K Subs)
Cydnee Black (266K IG Followers, 611K Subs)
CKeyBeauty (22.4K IG Followers, 82K Subs)
Savannah Sylver (42.1K IG Followers, 173K Subs)
Destiny Godley (52.3K IG Followers, 366K Subs)
Kluermoi (167K IG Followers, 79K Subs)
Tyme The Infamous (390K IG Followers, 576K Subs)
YarisBeth (219K IG Followers)
Alissa Ashley (369K IG Followers, 564K Subs)
Arnell Armon (185K IG Followers, 137K Subs)
Kelsey Murrell (206K IG Followers, 563K Subs) 
Kendra Murrell (163K IG Followers, 563K Subs)

DISCLAIMER: Please be sure to credit me if you share, repost or even reference this post! Also, this is no way to bash anyone. This post was done for the soul purpose of opinions. Thank you!


Friday, April 7, 2017

Makeup In Review: Mented Cosmetics

Happy April loves! I know I haven't been on. I've been feeling quite down lately. Depression & anxiety can be a huge you-know-what! & with the two mixed, it's definitely not a party. But I am slowly but surely getting back on my feet. I've recently went to some events & i've also met a few people along the way. I've even created some business cards! I'm pretty excited for this year for sure! That's something I will talk about in another post sooner or later :D 

For this blog post I am writing about a company that I recently learned of through a few Facebook friends. They promoted the brand, even received PR packages to showcase the brands array of lip shades. They're a small black owned business that is expanding! They created nude lip shades for all women of all hues! They are the most beautiful shades I have ever seen! & not one truly washes me out. I was reached out by them under a friends IG post & I was super excited because the shades looked stunning against her skin. I thought "yep, I so need these!" 

Lipstick in the shade Nude La La
The creators, KJ Miller & Amanda E. Johnson, had one mission in mind; that all women should be included when it comes to makeup. No one should be an "afterthought" nor be excluded as well. It's frustrating when brands create "nude" shades & they only have one woman in mind. & not a range of women. I can't tell you, how many shades I had to return or skip out on because the color was way off. Especially online when you see it appears darker but in reality, it's not even close to being the same shade. I feel as WOC, we have a hard time finding lipstick shades that compliment our skin tones. I always need a liner. & although I already wear a liner with my lippies by preference, the fact that I need a liner for a lipstick shade by really well known, expensive brands, says a lot. I can only say just very few have I come across that they have nude shades for WOC that doesn't look either ashy or washed out.

Swatches (top to bottom): Nude La La, Dope Taupe, Mented #5, Pretty in Pink, Foxy Brown, Dark Knight
The formula for these lipsticks are amazing! SUPER CREAMY!!! The lipsticks are not a matte finish. More like a creamy, satin finish in my opinion. & they are freaking pigmented! I'm sorry, but I am truly excited that I now found myself some pretty amazing nude lipsticks. I really suggest checking out these lovely ladies site & reading up on the company. Their lipsticks run for $16.50 (they've only created six) & they are cruelty free, vegan, non-toxic, paraben-free & made here in the USA! My faves from the bunch are Mented #5, Nude La La & Dope Taupe. They apply so easily & they wear very comfortably as well.

This is the time that we as beauty lovers, should begin to dive into more smaller businesses & into indie brands. In particularly black women. Our dollars matter & go a long way as well! Spreading the word, whether it be word of mouth, or social media, will help small companies such as Mented to go further in the beauty world. I am truly so happy that these ladies reached out to me & had me review their products. I have all six shades. I am not at all disappointed in any of them. Please do me a huge favor & check them out. Their website is Purchase a lippie or two & see for yourself how amazing their products are! They even have cute makeup bags!  

pinterest photo

*Disclaimer: This blog post is in no way, shape or form a sponsored post. I was given free product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts & opinions are my own :)* 


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Is Mac High End or Nah?

Hey! Happy Tuesday everyone! How was everyone's weekend? I hope better than mine, I was working -_- & preparing for this crazy snowstorm about to hit the NorthEast! I guess having a snow day wouldn't be so bad. I can catch up on shows, create more blog posts! I am in the process of transitioning my blog from beauty reviews to more lifestyle posts. That was actually the goal from the beginning. However, I don't feel like I have much of a "life" to blog about lol! Nonetheless, that will change. & very soon ;)

As you can tell from the title, this isn't going to be like one of my other posts. I was on Facebook, per usual, scrolling by when I saw a status by a friend of mine. She stated this - "Mac is not a high end or luxury Makeup brand #ThisIsNotADebate" [end quote]. At first I was like "wait, hold up a minute!" & then I sat back like "actually..." See I am a huge Mac Cosmetics fan. I have been since I got into makeup 5 years ago. It was the first brand I even purchased from before really diving into drugstore & going to Sephora. So I get a bit defensive when someone says something about Mac lol! 

I had to really look at her statement & sort of analyze what she said. Some of the commenters on her post agreed. Stated such things that quality is "shitty." One commentator even compared Mac to YSL, Armani, Burberry, Dior. Basically luxury brands. Others have mentioned back before Estee Lauder brought them out, they were a pretty luxe brand. The one comment that struck out to me was one girl said "If I can't find it at Walgreens target Walmart rite aid or cvs then I think it sure is and if it's over $30 a foundation yeah it is lol[.]" I initially had to step in because again, I get defensive of Mac & it's brand sometimes lol! But it was really to join the conversation! Although I didn't agree I also didn't agree. This is what I said:
"It's not a high end or luxury brand. It doesn't really have a set category. However, it is one of the few brands (or was) that was really involved for makeup professionals. YSL, Chanel, Tom Ford (to name a few) those are fashion houses! They created makeup brands so that an "everyday" woman had access to their products since they cant really afford their luxury goods (i.e. handbags, shoes, gowns). That's the reason behind that honestly. But Mac, as I always say, was never intended for the everyday woman. It was for professionals & artists. That work on models, that work on celebrities, work on actors & movie sets. Runway shows. It was really intended for that. For more so studio & avant-garde makeup. But then they realized they would create a huge gain if they became more public. I do however feel with them not being cruelty free completely, that is hindering their sales by a lot! If they can pull away from China completely, it might be a better look for them! I will forever be a Mac girl. I love a lot of their products. I do however feel they need to reformulate a lot of their foundations. Change around some things. They're in deep competition with a lot of brands like Cover FX & Becca. Cover FX is vegan & cruelty free. Their products are truly amazing as well! It sucks but Mac needs to do major revamping! Major reformulating as well. But I still love Mac. I love most of their products."
I do believe Mac is not a high-end/luxury makeup brand. I also do believe they do not have their category either. They aren't a specific type of brand. For example, medium makeup brands to me would be Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay & Too Faced. Mac may so fall between medium & high-end. But in terms on makeup & quality, I don't find them to be categorized at all! Mac has a lot of competition right now. I hate to say it, but there are better brands out there besides them right now. Nars & Lancome right now are truly leading in the industry, especially for WOC. I stand by what I said; if Mac became completely cruelty free & pulled from China, they would make a huge comeback! But sales have declined in the past few years. The last time I ever saw huge excitement for a collection was Rihanna's. Otherwise, I haven't really seen too many folks really buying out collections since then (minus Mariah Carey & Selena's collections). & this is coming from someone that would buy 4 of each lipstick from collections. Spending $300 to $500 on Mac collections! Staying up til midnight, waking up every hour to purchase products. Waking up early on release day & heading to the mall. So yeah I was a die hard makeup junkie! However, now you couldn't pay me to do that again. If I miss something, then oh well lol!

Mac Cosmetics will always be my fave brand. There's nothing wrong with venturing out to other brands. It took me a while to really go into Sephora & buy up some makeup. Like I thought Sephora was expensive at one point. I would never walk in there, except to buy perfume lol! I mean it still is expensive. Yet now I can't even stop myself from going inside one lol! I just kind of hate when people dog Mac like Mac doesn't have a shade range for all skin tones! Like Mac really wasn't on top just a few years ago. Although a lot of their foundations can run a bit orange or red, they were one of the few brands I saw that had a wide range of shades for POC. Drugstore brand foundations were out for me! I couldn't even find my shade in most of the brands. This is why back in the day, Mac was on their game! I still think they should reformulate their foundations, fix customer service at stores (I won't even go there today with that!), & pull from the Chinese market.

It says a lot that they're branching out to Ulta. As much as I love Ulta, I was taken aback by that. Considering Mac is a prestigious brand. Nonetheless, Ulta has definitely come up in the past few years as well! Years ago, I would only go to Ulta for NYX products & Real Techniques brushes. That was it. Now they've really improved & that says a lot if they're going to carry Mac. This makes me wonder if Mac will in the future pull from brick & mortar stores, counters & mall spaces & remain at specialty retailers. I do wonder why they didn't go to Sephora. I am it's something they will achieve in the future. But we shall see!

I think I will make a separate post or posts on my fave low end, medium end, high end, luxury & indie makeup brands. Might even do a small series for my blog. I'm sorry for my posts always & forever being long lol! I truly have a lot of thoughts & I try to get them all out at once lol! I may have missed a few things but it's no biggie.

Let me know what you think? Is Mac really not considered high-end? Do you consider it high-end? Do you feel it is even categorized in anything? Lets chat! :D


Thursday, March 2, 2017

ABH x Nicole Guerriero Glowkit Collab

anastasia beverly hills nicole glow palette

Happy Thursday yall! So yesterday I received my package from Sephora! It's Anastasia Beverly Hills new glowkit with YouTuber & beauty influencer, Nicole Guerriero called Nicole Glow. I was pretty excited for it but waited until I saw it on more WOC to make my decision. My IG homie, Spence (spencesbeautydepot), posted swatches on this palette! & I was immediately sold. She purchased hers in-store. I know some stores already had it available early. I purchased mine on Sunday morning via the app. I did 2 day priority mail, still arrived in 3 days *rolls eyes*. But it's here now!

Let me first get into this packaging though! It's such a cute, sparkly, pastel pink colour. Her silver logo shifts into this rainbow effect. Did I say it was sparkly? Lol! I think the names for each shade are cute & befitting to her character & personal style. The names are as is. They are all shimmer finishes & tones. Kitty Kat, which is a pink shade with a platinum undertone. Forever Young, is a pink pearl shade with a silver undertone. Daydream, is a coral shade with white gold undertones (my fave). Forever Lit is a platinum shade with lavender tones. Glo Getter is a champagne shade with a rose tone. & 143 is a rose gold shade with a bronze-y finish. For 143 I do see a lot of the rose gold finish, not so much a bronze tone.

My faves are Daydream & Forever Lit. They are the only two that really got my attention when swatched. The rest I either have or have seen from ABH & other brands before. But they are all still so beautiful nonetheless.

abh nicole guerriero swatches
ABH x Nicole Glow - swatched 1x on skin with foundation. with flash. T to B: Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Daydream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter & 143
The shades swatch beautifully! I mean so amazing! With one swipe they are just so gorgeous & pigmented. I was taken aback at how they look on the palette but look different swatched. But I guess those are the undertones of the shades drawing through. They do not feel gritty or have this chunky look to them. I know a lot of folks are wondering if this palette is comparable to ABH's Ultimate Glow Kit, & it's not actually. That Ultimate Glow Kit was such a rushed job. Very disappointing. I returned it as fast as I had purchased it. Chunky glitter, super hard to swatch & get product on to brush & fingers. Felt super gritty & grainy. Wasn't a fan at all. 

These highlighters do however have some glitter fall out & will leave a lot of glitter behind when taking it off. But even still, they are really nice & sparkly. They will leave the most beautiful glow. My camera could not pick up the sparkle at all. However, I did put a video up on my snapchat & it sparkles like crazy! I really love it because they're not solid highlighters, like how ABH's "That Glow" palette is. They're also not buttery soft like that palette but they blend out very well. I will definitely do a look using one of these highlighters. I want to test them on my face & see if my views on this palette will ultimately change.

On bare, cleansed skin, the highlighters do not really pop much at all. They don't look patchy or chalky. Just don't really shine through. However, with foundation, it pops like no other! I tested them out on my arm with Lancome's Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation, & these babies pushed through!! They show their full potential with foundation of course! I think it depends on what foundation you use as well. Something sheer & super matte, may not help these highlighters all that much.

abh nicole glow palette

My final thoughts?  To be honest, I don't know. I'm still on the fence on whether I like it or not. I will definitely try it out with a makeup look & update my thoughts. At this time, I am disappointed that the only two shades that popped out on me were Daydream & Forever Lit. Kitty Kat & Forever Young will look like ash on my face since their undertones are more white & silver based. Glo Getter & 143 might just work. But again, I have already gold toned & rose gold toned highlighters. I will definitely post swatch comparisons. 

The million dollar question is if it's worth it? & I'm just going to say this isn't one of those hit or miss products. However, I feel a lot of the time we buy things that are "exclusive" because we don't want to feel left out of buying things & we impulse buy. Basically #FOMO! I don't have a direct answer at this time because again I want to try the product on my face & actually come back with a better response as to if it is worth it. This does launch in-store on the 13th of March. However, it will launch on the ABH website tomorrow, the 3rd of March. Hopefully you can come to your decision if you purchase it & go from there.

I know a lot of people are wondering if this is WOC friendly or WOC worthy? For only two shades to pop out to me, speaks enough for the palette in a sense that it really isn't a need! It's beautiful, will look great on the vanity! But don't waste your time. Especially if you're not keen to wearing a shade like 'Forever Lit' on any given day. It's overall a great palette & for $40 getting 6 full sized highlighter, is seriously a deal! 

abh nicole glow swatches
swatches on bare skin, blended out
I think the "wow factor" of this palette is definitely "Forever Lit." In addition, if that's the one shade that truly draws to you, there are a few brands that have created a blue based, lavender toned highlighter. I know Kat Von D created her holographic palette with one or two blue based highlighters. & that palette looks phenomenal on WOC. One other brand you can look into is Danessa Myricks. She has this beautiful illuminator that has a lot more lavender tones called Tranquility. I saw it at IMATS last year & I wish I had purchased it. I have high regrets every day. However, that highlighter is very much so needed. The brand is also black owned! One other company that created a blue-ish highlighter was Cover FX! They came out with new enhancer drops & they are gorgeous! One thing I love about Cover FX is that they are cruelty free & vegan! So you get the best of both worlds with great performing products. Halo is currently sold out, but you can get it soon!

I don't think this palette is necessarily a hit or a miss. I do think it may be a miss if you only see yourself using 1 out of the 6 highlighters. At that point, you really don't need it. But if you end up purchasing it, it's not a huge loss honestly. These would look amazing on the body as well. So make that collar bone pop girl!😂  But to be real, it's not a need need. It's not a huge must-have. But it's something to get if you don't have other glow kit's. It's beautiful to look at as well. Also, very beautiful on WOC skin tones. You won't be missing too much if you decide to pass on it.


Friday, February 24, 2017

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector: Prismatic Amethyst

Hello loves! How's your friday going so far? 😁  This week I received a few goodies that were purchased & some that were given to me that need to be reviewed, ASAP! First up is Becca Cosmetics newest pressed highlighter, Prismatic Amethyst! Saw this last week on Trendmood's IG feed. I was excited to get it soon but a friend of mine ordered it for me instead! It was available for VIB & VIB Rouge status customers. Prismatic Amethyst is considered a lavender duo chrome. It is infused with pale gold, violet, & pearl rose to create & give you an iridescent sheen that's supposed to shift as you move.  

I wanted it because I kind of missed out on the Rose Quartz highlighter that Becca released a few months ago. I thought it was permanant at the time so I didn't bother to purchase it 😔  With that, I jumped on this one. However to be honest, I am not feeling this one at all. I love Becca. Their brand is amazing! I purchased not too long ago their First Light Filter primer. Looks so good on my skin. I also love their highlighters. I own Champagne Pop & I also own Blushed Copper which they turned into more of a blush. But it's so WOC friendly! I saw Jackie Aina make a review on it last year & I literally ran to Sephora to buy it lol! This highlighter, for me, is not WOC friendly. It's nice & creamy, but a little too powdery.  It does, however, swatch very nicely. It's not chalky at all. It isn't streaky either when you blend it out. But it doesn't blend out like you would Champagne Pop or Moonstone. I actually had trouble blending it out. I just don't think it'll be a great color payoff for WOC. If you're expecting more lavender, this aint it yall!

Swatch of Becca Cosmetics Prismatic Amethyst
I did look up some hashtags on IG to see if any WOC purchased it & to see what their thoughts were. I didn't really come across too many photos with WOC wearing the highlighter. But the ones I did see, they kind of loved it, but it just didn't look right. It just appeared as product sitting on your face. That was really it. I was expecting a more purple shimmer or a beautiful lavender glow. Meh, maybe it's just me. I don't know. But for $38 is it worth getting? No, not really to be honest. I guess I will stick to my gold & copper highlighters 😂  The highlighter is available to everyone now & I believe it will be in-stores sometime in March. I will however say, a little goes a long way. You don't need too much of the product on your face at all. Too much & it'll look very ashy.

Overall, I think you can achieve a look with this. But for me personally, it's going right back to Sephora today! 😕  Sucks it didn't work for me. But I have a slew of other highlighters untouched that need my attention lol! 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Octoly x Estee Lauder: Advanced Night Repair & Revitalizing Supreme+

Hello loves! Happy New Year! I know I'm literally 2 weeks too late lmao! & just almost 2 months late from my last post. A lot has been happening. & I abandon the things I love when life gets the best of me. But I'm working on it. I'm here now! This is a big step nonetheless. I am hoping 2017 is going well for you all. Think positive vibes & have a little faith. 

As of recently, I have been receiving great products, for free! Now before you even ask, yes this is a sponsored post, but not exactly what you think. There's this company called Octoly. It's mainly for beauty influencers, as of right now. They're trying to expand to other industries. Such as food, fashion & lifestyle. I came across Octoly actually a few years ago. Back then, Octoly was huge on YouTube channels & not much else. Now they've revamped everything & have included IG. But their rules to join has also changed. Back about a year or 2 ago, you didn't need a huge following on YouTube but you needed at least 100 subbies I believe. Now, you need 1K subbies along with 1k+ views on your videos & channel. For IG, you just need 10K+ followers & need to be active of course in order to receive products. I may make a separate post explaining more in depth about websites like Octoly & Influenster, so people have a better understanding.

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme+ Creme
So this week, I received a skincare set by Estee Lauder. It is a moisturizer & a serum combo that I think are perfect for the winter. I will also be making an updated winter skincare post. The moisturizer, is part of their Revitalizing Supreme collection. It is an anti-aging creme, so it will help to firm your skin up a bit. However, it is beneficial for fine lines, wrinkles, dullness, loss of radiance, & in most common cases, dryness. Now I'm 27 & I know I don't have wrinkles. This is a product my mom would probably purchase. However, when you work 2 jobs & you work 40+ works weeks, it tends to show drastically on your skin. Since it is winter, my skin gets very dry & very dull. It will look more tired than ever because of the lack of vitamin c I don't really get from the sun & just overall the weather. I go through a number of moisturizers & I usually only grab one, which is by Belif. Comparing the two, this Estee Lauder one is much more moisturizing than the one from Belif. I feel Belif's moisturizer is more water & gel based, which is why it leaves a sheen on your skin after you apply it. Estee Lauder had a thicker consistency but it didn't feel heavy. Applying it all over my face, my skin instantly felt nourished. Throughout the day, my skin felt moisturized. Very soft as well. & I didn't see any dry patches. 

Overall, I think this moisturizer did a job well done with keeping my skin nourished throughout the day. Only downside, it did not stay this way for 24 hours. Unlike Belif's moisturizer, it has a lasting effect of 36 hours I believe. & it held true to that.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair serum
For the Advanced Night Repair serum, I've heard nothing but great things about it. Not only is it nourishing, but it's a slightly thicker formula, perfect to seep into your skin throughout the night. It's benefits are to reduce fine lines & wrinkles. But also to combat dryness, dullness, & uneven texture. I've been in search of a serum for quite some time now. A lot of serums I've used in the past either feel too lightweight, too sticky, or too greasy. This serum is oil free & it doesn't feel sticky when applied to the skin. It doesn't feel heavy or too thick either. I feel my skin absorbs it but in a good way. I am hoping my skin improves over the next month or two. My skin has been acting really weird for some time now. I am hoping it will get better in due time. 

Final thoughts:
I am still in the starting stages of this combo. But from the first couple of tries, I would definitely recommend either one to purchase. If you're needing a night time serum, then this is the one to get! But if you need an everyday moisturizer, or something for night time, this moisturizer is the one to get! I personally would not purchase these in the future. As amazing as they are, Estee Lauder is not a cruelty free company. I am aware they test on animals for their cosmetics. So I am sure they test on animals for their skincare line. If you want an alternative for a fascinating skincare brand, I would suggest KORRES! Their skincare line is amazing & they are cruelty free. I have a moisturizer coming in from them as well & I will type up a post along with a night time oil I also received not long ago.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post brought to you by Octoly & Estee Lauder, however all opinions are my own. Affiliate links are included throughout this post.


Monday, November 28, 2016

Kylie Koko Kollection lip set

Hola loves! Happy Monday! So glad this month is drawing to a near. So happy the year is almost over as well. Something about the holidays, I just don't care for anymore. I haven't been in the "holiday spirit" in a long time. My Thanksgiving was alright. I worked, as I do every year *rolls eyes*. My one job was giving out turkeys & I'm like "oh ugh, I don't eat meat. & I don't have a car so how will I carry this thing?" I guess my boyfriend would've had to make that himself & eat it himself lol! With that & then the holiday sales, I am so over this holiday season! I even was very disappointed in the sales this year. However, I am hoping you guys were able to get some things for gifts or just for yourself :D 

I really debated on purchasing from Kylie this year. Since I can't stand the scent of her liquid lipsticks, I really didn't want to get any, but here I am. I scooped her Koko Kollection set. I have a huge love for Khloe & I figured this set would be A1 for my collection. I always think about my collection, not if I'll actually use the products lmao! However, I am quite impressed with this set. Although I love the shades, "Okurrr" is not my shade. It says on the website its a "vibrant fuchsia". It's more neon than anything! -_-

L to R: Khlo$, Gorg, Okurrr, Damn Gina
I love the 'Damn Gina' gloss. Something about glosses I truly love! So it'll work out well. Gorg is a nice wine colour as well. I actually like Khlo$. I will need a liner for sure but I am loving nudes right now. I don't think i'll be using Okurrr at all. It's like a watermelon shade. Reminds me a little bit of Jeffree Star's Watermelon Soda. Damn Gina isn't sticky at all. It has the same consistency & texture of her regular glosses. Liquid lipsticks same consistency, same scent. However, something about the scent of these did not make me sick. Maybe it's just me. They still have that strong licorice scent, but I didn't feel like hurling all over the place. I will be wearing Gorg today & see how that goes. 

The packaging really pulled me in! I love the all gold & I think honestly I purchased this because I missed out on her birthday mini set. So I guess I made up for it. I really wanted her mini set from her holiday collection but I was only able to get the palette. Some friends of mine are really ticked off that they purchased her huge bundle that was $325 but didn't receive any free items. & now that today is Cyber Monday, she has 20% off sitewide. I would be ticked off too honestly. I think if you purchase the huge bundle, you should receive the stocking for free. That's $325! :( 

Overall, I give this little set an 8/10! Okurrr is a watermelon shade, I won't even act like I will use it. Gorg is a nice shade but I have other shades like it. & Khlo$ looks like a shade she already has. But I love the packaging. & I know most of this is really paying for the name & not so much the product. I just can't believe she has fakes of this kit already! She needs to stop manufacturing wherever that is & bring them over to be made in the US. That can stop all of that possibly. 

Were any of you able to grab this before it sold out? I believe it is not coming back so I wouldn't stalk the website for it if you haven't. However, Kylie's site has 20% off everything, today only. I really want that Burgundy palette & her Vixen liquid lipstick. Fingers crossed she makes Vixen permanent in the future like she did Leo :D


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