ABH x Nicole Guerriero Glowkit Collab

Happy Thursday yall! So yesterday I received my package from Sephora! It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills new glow kit with YouTuber & beauty influencer, Nicole Guerriero called Nicole Glow. I was pretty excited for it but waited until I saw it on more WOC to make my decision. My IG homie, Spence (spencesbeautydepot), posted swatches on this palette! & I was immediately sold. She purchased hers in-store. I know some stores already had it available early. I purchased mine on Sunday morning via the app. I did 2-day priority mail, still arrived in 3 days *rolls eyes*. But it’s here now!

Let me first get into this packaging though! It’s such a cute, sparkly, pastel pink color. Her silver logo shifts into this rainbow effect. Did I say it was sparkly? Lol! I think the names for each shade are cute & befitting to her character & personal style. The names are as is. They are all shimmer finishes & tones. Kitty Kat, which is a pink shade with a platinum undertone. Forever Young is a pink pearl shade with a silver undertone. Daydream is a coral shade with white gold undertones (my fave). Forever Lit is a platinum shade with lavender tones. Glo Getter is a champagne shade with a rose tone. & 143 is a rose gold shade with a bronzey finish. For 143 I do see a lot of the rose gold finish, not so much a bronze tone.

My faves are Daydream & Forever Lit. They are the only two that really got my attention when swatched. The rest I either have or have seen from ABH & other brands before. But they are all still so beautiful nonetheless.

ABH x Nicole Glow – swatched 1x on the skin with foundation. with flash. T to B: Kitty Kat, Forever Young, Daydream, Forever Lit, Glo Getter & 143

The shades swatch beautifully! I mean so amazing! With one swipe they are just so gorgeous & pigmented. I was taken aback at how they look on the palette but look different swatched. But I guess those are the undertones of the shades drawing through. They do not feel gritty or have this chunky look to them. I know a lot of folks are wondering if this palette is comparable to ABH’s Ultimate Glow Kit, & it’s not actually. That Ultimate Glow Kit was such a rushed job. Very disappointing. I returned it as fast as I had purchased it. Chunky glitter, super hard to swatch & get the product on to brush & fingers. Felt super gritty & grainy. Wasn’t a fan at all. 
These highlighters do however have some glitter fall out & will leave a lot of glitter behind when taking it off. But even still, they are really nice & sparkly. They will leave the most beautiful glow. My camera could not pick up the sparkle at all. However, I did put a video up on my snapchat & it sparkles like crazy! I really love it because they’re not solid highlighters, like how ABH’s “That Glow” palette is. They’re also not buttery soft like that palette but they blend out very well. I will definitely do a look using one of these highlighters. I want to test them on my face & see if my views on this palette will ultimately change.
On bare, cleansed skin, the highlighters do not really pop much at all. They don’t look patchy or chalky. Just don’t really shine through. However, with foundation, it pops like no other! I tested them out on my arm with Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra 24H foundation, & these babies pushed through!! They show their full potential with foundation of course! I think it depends on what foundation you use as well. Something sheer & super matte, may not help these highlighters all that much.

My final thoughts?  To be honest, I don’t know. I’m still on the fence on whether I like it or not. I will definitely try it out with a makeup look & update my thoughts. At this time, I am disappointed that the only two shades that popped out on me were Daydream & Forever Lit. Kitty Kat & Forever Young will look like ash on my face since their undertones are white & silver based. Glo Getter & 143 might just work. But again, I have already gold toned & rose gold toned highlighters. I will definitely post swatch comparisons.

The million dollar question is if it’s worth it? & I’m just going to say this isn’t one of those hit or miss products. However, I feel a lot of the time we buy things that are “exclusive” because we don’t want to feel left out of buying things & we impulse buy. Basically #FOMO! I don’t have a direct answer at this time because again I want to try the product on my face & actually come back with a better response as to if it is worth it. This does launch in-store on the 13th of March. However, it will launch on the ABH website tomorrow, the 3rd of March. Hopefully, you can come to your decision if you purchase it & go from there.
I know a lot of people are wondering if this is WOC friendly or WOC worthy? For only two shades to pop out to me, speaks enough for the palette in a sense that it really isn’t a need! It’s beautiful, will look great on the vanity! But don’t waste your time. Especially if you’re not keen on wearing a shade like ‘Forever Lit’ on any given day. It’s overall a great palette & for $40 getting 6 full sized highlighters, is seriously a deal! 

swatches on bare skin, blended out

I think the “wow factor” of this palette is definitely “Forever Lit.” In addition, if that’s the one shade that truly draws to you, there are a few brands that have created a blue based, lavender toned highlighter. I know Kat Von D created her holographic palette with one or two blue based highlighters. & that palette looks phenomenal on WOC. One other brand you can look into is Danessa Myricks. She has this beautiful illuminator that has a lot more lavender tones called Tranquility. I saw it at IMATS last year & I wish I had purchased it. I have high regrets every day. However, that highlighter is very much so needed. The brand is also black owned! One other company that created a blue-ish highlighter was Cover FX! They came out with new enhancer drops & they are gorgeous! One thing I love about Cover FX is that they are cruelty free & vegan! So you get the best of both worlds with great performing products. Halo is currently sold out, but you can get it soon!
I don’t think this palette is necessarily a hit or a miss. I do think it may be a miss if you only see yourself using 1 out of the 6 highlighters. At that point, you really don’t need it. But if you end up purchasing it, it’s not a huge loss honestly. These would look amazing on the body as well. So make that collar bone pop girl!😂  But to be real, it’s not a need need. It’s not a huge must-have. But it’s something to get if you don’t have other glow kit’s. It’s beautiful to look at as well. Also, very beautiful on WOC skin tones. You won’t be missing too much if you decide to pass on it.

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  1. Mellie Michelle

    I'm doing a look with it today & I'll add the photo to here. I'd say get it. It won't hurt to get it at all 😀 If you don't like it, you can always return it to Sephora �� As I said; it's not really a hit or a miss. It's not a need either. Especially if you have ABH's other glowkit palettes. Like the MoonChild one & the Sweets one.

    & thank you so much for reading! I really appreciate it! ❤❤❤


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