Birthday Wishlist 2017: It’s My Birthday!

Hey everyone! I don’t know where to begin. I haven’t been around much. Beginning of December was already crazy enough. My brother passed away on the 5th & I’ve just been feeling a little somber. I’m still dealing with it all, ya know? Christmas was just here 3 days ago. I was texting & calling everyone. & I thought of him & was like “oh I need to text him…” & then realized that I couldn’t.

His death was just so sudden. & I haven’t really expressed my feelings about this whole thing as I would like to. Even as I type this post, I get teary eyed just thinking about him. But then I stop myself. & while I know some people would be like “you need to release this emotion,” I just can’t. I don’t ever show myself as vulnerable or even sad. Mad maybe, but never sad. So it’s all deep down inside of me.

The holidays was just overall low key. I worked all through Christmas. I realize as I get older, I don’t care for the holidays. But my birthday is one thing I look forward to each year. With today being my 28th birthday, it’s sort of surreal! I am in my late 20’s & entering my 30’s very soon! Good thing I don’t look 28, am I right? Lol! With that said, I put together a small birthday wishlist. So if your birthday is somewhere around this time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! & if not, but you need some gift ideas to ask for, then I hope this is helpful as well 🙂

While I am not celebrating today, I will be over the weekend for NYE! I surely cannot wait! Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! See y’all in 2018!

Pat McGrath Liquilust ($38) | NARS Wanted Palette ($59) | Tarte Brush Set ($44) | Fenty Beauty Lip Paint ($24) | Olympea Perfume ($96) | Apple Watch ($429) | Boss Lady Desk Sign ($28) | Boss Mug ($14) | Burberry Nail Polish ($23) | Free People Pullover ($108) | North Face Arctic Parka ($300) | Viktor & Rolf Perfume ($55-$165) | Kate Spade Earrings ($25) | Plaid Scarf ($24) | Charlotte Tilbury Mascara ($29) | Woven Cardigan ($52) | Gucci Makeup Bag ($520)| Gucci Bloom Perfume ($124)

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