Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip Review

Hey Y’all! It’s been a minute but I’m back & have I got a review for you! It’s going to be really long. So grab a snack, dinner, or what have you lol!

First & foremost, let me apologize for abandoning my blog. Things have been going on & I kept putting my blog to the side. & each day I went to work on it, I just ignored it & well, here I am 2 months later. I’m planning some things. I may move my blog over to WordPress. I’m about to create a YouTube channel (working on getting my camera & lighting as of right now). I really want to make 2016 something, even if it’s going to take me a while to get somewhere, at least let me start now. It’s gone take some time, but I will be more motivated to work on me & my blog.

Okay, so moving on from all that rambling lol! Y’allll!! So Colourpop released some metallic liquid lipsticks. & you all know that metallic’s are in these days. Kylie Jenner created & released her metallic liquid lipsticks not too long ago. I, unfortunately, did not purchase any. I will not be purchasing probably for a while. I can’t get over the scent of her lipsticks. They make me feel sick & my head starts feeling light headed every time I smell them. I do have one of her glosses & I like it. The scent is soo strong but it’s still very much so there.
Colourpop’s release was huge! I mean BIG! At 6 pm on the dot on June. 23rd, I ordered as quickly as possible. I ordered all 4 liquid lipsticks that released (including Lax & Ellarie lip pencil because I have a problem & needed to spend $30 to get free shipping lol!). And within about 15 minutes, they sold out! I guess the Kylie Lip Kit effect rubbed off on to them lol! I’ve been anticipating this launch since they announced it & I couldn’t pass up on it! I ordered and in 6 days it arrived. You know how much I hate Colourpop’s slow ass shipping option (rolling eyes emoji inserted here lol!). For $4.99, shipping should be priority mail. Don’t get me started on Kylie’s shipping cost lol!
L to R: Kween, 3-Way, Man Eater, & Zebra
Here are the swatches!! So with the packaging, you get your normal Colourpop liquid lipstick packaging. I was actually hoping for something different, but I won’t get ahead of myself. Let me get the pros in before I get on with my cons. Pros are that they’re really pretty when swatched! Have little specks of glitter & what girl doesn’t like glitter? They are really soft too. Not liquid at all. Almost feels like their highlighters formula when swatched.
Let me just say, I love Colourpop. I really do. I really love that they’re affordable for everyone & have a wide range of products to choose from at inexpensive prices. But brace yourself, because I’m about to get real!
First off, although they swatch soft like, two of the shades applied too thick & clumpy (chunky maybe?) & the other two, for one of the lipsticks, I thought it was empty because it swatched soo horribly. The formula & the swatching was not effortless like how their liquid lipsticks are. I’m sure because it is metallic, the formula will be different. But, they really put no effort or thought into this. Felt very gritty. They may have needed to use a finer glitter or something. You get what you pay for. Let me repeat that; YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!
Kween (first swatch to your left), is the only vegan liquid lipstick out of the four. Although they’re products are cruelty free, not all are vegan. & I learned of this after browsing their FAQs the other day. A few days after I ordered to be exact. Not only only is that non-vegan list out of sight & out of mind, but they do not update their product selection sites with this info. They should mention somewhere before the “Add to Cart” option that a certain product is not vegan. I am a vegetarian but I still correlate into a vegan lifestyle. & I was disappointed to find out, after I purchased them, that they were not vegan.
I decided to give Colourpop the benefit of the doubt & maybe not overthink this. I thought maybe I’m trippin. Maybe i’m overreacting. But 95% of the time, I am not. Chunky formula for Man Eater & Zebra. 3-Way has okay, but a little thick formula. Kween, I think my tube was empty because I literally would swatch & nothing really appeared. Took me at least 4 times to swatch it to show up on camera. They apply very streaky. Once on the lips, the formula is sticky. Like my lips felt super dry & I had applied vaseline before application. They don’t feel thin but they don’t feel thick either. Well with one coat it doesn’t feel too thick. They do feel like nothing but it felt like something was on top of my lips. I believe it’s the glitter. Again, super sticky. & for women of color, you will need a liner. I applied one coat, & some shades did not show very well. Two coats & it felt really thick. I had to apply a lot of product because it was not showing up on my lips at all. I’m hoping I just received the bad batch after a first release. But there should be no room for errors when you first release something that’s been anticipated.
Overall, I am disappointed. I felt they cut corners. But this review should not stop you for purchasing. This is just my honest opinion. You may have a different experience than mine & that’s fine. Not everything is perfect but if I’m spending money on something, I expect it to somewhat great. Even if it is six bucks.

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  1. Helen Smith

    I definitely agree about Zebra being chunky, I received it today and didn't realize how purple it would look. I like it but it wasn't what I was expecting at all.


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