DefineMe Fragrance: First Impressions + Review

Has anyone else been on a hunt for perfumes lately? Or is it just me? 🤔😂 I’m a huge fragrance lover actually. But once I like a certain perfume, I just keep it for all year long. I’ve yet to really find a signature scent. My go-to for the fall/winter months will more than likely be YSL’s Black Opium perfume. During the other months, I never really know what to wear. I just wear whatever I find that reminds me of Spring/Summer.

I must admit, I am that girl that goes into Sephora, sampling all of the perfumes. Until I finally walk out with either none or a sample of a perfume I just will not purchase lol! I’m a cheapskate. & for a long time, I would only wear & purchase Bath & Body Works fragrance mists. They’re inexpensive but I know they don’t last long & usually the scents all smell similar. To me anyway lol! It wasn’t until I joined Octoly last year, that I received my first real fragrance. Which was YSL’s Black Opium. I wore it everyday, all day! People would stop, men & women alike. Majority of the men would stop to ask me what I’m wearing so they can buy it for their girlfriends 😂

As most of you know I went to Gen Beauty last month! & if you didn’t, that’s okay 😀 While there, I went to a lot of booths. Mostly to the smaller brands. But I came across this one brand called “DefineMe.” Now I thought it was an up & coming makeup brand. I never heard of them before & I was somehow pulled in (actually, my curiosity was up & I wanted to be nosey lol) to checkout their booth. As I am waiting on line, I look further to notice they are a fragrance line. I was pretty stoked to say the least (although I am super frugal when it comes to buying perfume lol!)!

DefineMe Fragrance is a small company. They produce vegan + cruelty free fragrance mists + oils, hair mists, & on-the-go mists. All of their fragrances can be mixed together to create your own unique scent. The founder, Jennifer McKay Newton, wanted to create scents people would love after running a successful candle line of her own. Her fragrance line is geared towards the “It Girls” of the world! The fragrances inspire those who are inspired by this new generation of leading women & to give a reminder of one’s own confidence. For those who need to be reminded they are fearless, bold, empowering & passionate as well! I for one find these perfumes to be very youthful but not teeny bop youthful. Also, their scents are made with coconut oil. They can be worn by everyone. I’ll leave a list of the available fragrances & their notes below.

All scents are reasonably priced as well. Don’t expect to pay like $90 or $100 for them. The fragrances retail from $21 to $68 before taxes. They have a mini sample set of their fragrance oils. You can purchase it to try out their scents before diving in & purchasing a full sized bottle. The set retails for $21. They also have 3 duo sets. Where they combine two fragrances that are the opposite of each other but you may seem to like together. The duo set retails for $58.50 each.

Overall I find these to be super ideal! Especially for my girls that are strictly cruelty free & need more variety in the fragrance world. They have a fragrance quiz you can also take to find your match! You can find all of these scents over on their website, at your nearest Ulta Beauty store or Ulta Beauty online. For every full sized purchase, a $1 is donated to She’s The First. An organization that provides scholarships to girls living in low-income countries.

The Notes:

Audry: Is empowered by love + believes it is always the answer. – Notes of jasmine, peony, rose + sandalwood

Clara: Lives life with gratitude + grace. – Notes of lily, lilac, violet, hibiscus + soft musk

Delphine: Is an artistic, creative soul who radiates an effortless elegance. – notes of lilac, freesia, ylang ylang, coconut + rosewood

Harper: Walks through life fearlessly blazing her own path. – Notes of grapefruit, bergamot, honeysuckle + amber

Payton: Exemplifies strength + passion by living her dreams to the fullest. – Notes of orange blossom, mimosa, clove buds + musk (a tomboy scent)

Sofia Isabel: Is a free-spirit who embraces life with confidence. – Notes of mandarin, black currant, jasmine + sugar

*Thanks to DefineMe Fragrance for sending me this package in exchange for a review!*

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