Frank Body – All Natural Skincare Review

If you know me well, then you know that I have a huge love for skincare. Although I have normal to dry skin type, I'm always on the hunt to try new things just to keep my skin moisturized & hydrated. However, lately, I've realized that a lot of products I've used & have been using just isn't for my skin type. Most of these products dry out my skin very badly. Not really leaving it to look healthy or radiant overall. I feel like I have to continue using the product. Not noticing that it's really not doing my skin any good or even truly working. Which I've learned is the approach by most skin care companies.

Just the other day, I was sent some skincare products from Frank Body. I don't usually get sent skincare products. So it's always some excitement when I get some in the mail. Now, if you don't know who Frank Body is, they're an Australian based coffee scrub company. They rose to fame on Instagram. I'm sure you're thinking, "not another coffee scrub company!" Okay, maybe not but hear me out lol! I find their approach on IG isn't to be another coffee scrub distributor. I actually have their coffee scrub & it's pretty amazing. It isn't so gritty or harsh on my skin. I've tried other body scrubs & I feel like my skin gets super dry after using them. Or they leave behind scrub particles even after rinsing. I'll definitely have a review on their scrub soon.

I just tested out these products & gave a demo on my snapchat & Instagram stories. I'll probably do a YouTube video as well. Just need to figure out how. But for now, here is my in-depth review & overall thoughts on their skincare products.

Creamy Face Cleanser

This cleanser is not like other cleansers I've purchased or tried in the past. It's grey toned to start (yes grey)! Never seen a cleanser that was grey. Unless it was an activated charcoal cleanser of course. That was my first surprise. The next surprise was just how creamy it did feel. Especially on my skin. I wet my face & also wet my Clarisonic brush before applying two pumps of the cleanser onto my brush head. I noticed instantly that the cleanser isn't one of those foaming cleaners or the type to get really soapy. But I think because my face was wet, the product couldn't fully foam up. I'll have to try it while my skin is dry instead. But once I rinsed it off, my skin immediately looked luminous. It had a supple glow, it didn't appear shiny at all. & my skin felt very soft. This cleanser did not dry out my skin at all. Something I've gotten used to expecting from cleansers.

Here are some cool facts about this Creamy Face Cleanser! It's vegan! Which was a huge shock considering there aren't too many vegan cleansers that I know about. & it definitely will not strip your skin! If anything, it will help bring back moisture. Its ingredients are Activated Charcoal (which explains the grey color), which will help deeply clean your skin. Arabica Coffee Seed Oil to help maintain the firmness of your skin. Marshmallow Root to keep your skin looking & feeling soft & supple. Lastly, Coconut, Grapeseed, & Sweet Almond Oil to help remove your makeup & any other impurities easily.

Creamy Face Scrub

I am always obsessed with trying exfoliators. I'm not sure what it is. But I think it's because I had really bad hyperpigmentation growing up & I thought using exfoliators would help that. So recently I've been using an exfoliator by a very known skincare brand. I like it because once applied it has this tingly feeling. However, it can be a bit much. When I first tried it, my face felt like it was on fire! It just burned. I stopped using it & then went back to it after a while. I got kind of use to the tingling but just stopped using it overall. Alternatively, I know so many people that use the Apricot scrub by St. Ives. It's so harsh! Exfoliators aren't supposed to be that harsh to the touch. You don't need to scrub off your face to see if the product is working.

I was at first skeptical to try this exfoliator/scrub. I was worried that it would be harsh on my skin like other exfoliators I've used. The first thing you notice from this scrub is the coffee scent! Smells so heavenly! Applying it is pretty easy & goes on pretty smooth. Doesn't feel gritty. & it's really not messy at all. It does get dry just a tiny bit but my face did not feel tight. Rinsing off the scrub was a breeze! Usually, I'm taking a while to rinse off a scrub. Everything just rubbed off pretty easily. & my skin felt super smooth! I was shocked! My skin didn't feel at all dry either.

The Creamy Face Scrub is packed with Roasted & Ground Robusta Coffee Beans. White Clay to help with detoxifying & removing dead skin cells. Rosehip Oil to brighten dull skin & Coconut, Grapeseed & Sweet Almond Oil to hydrate & not block pores.

Glow Mask

I am a mask-o-holic! I think I purchase too many face masks & most do not get finished. Some do justice & others I just don't want to go to waste lol! I was loving the one from Peter Thomas Roth. It's the gold mask that everyone raved about. I first saw it with Jackie Aina using it on Snapchat. But that price was not something I wanted to pay either! *don't judge me!* But yeah I have so many masks right now. I've got to consolidate them & see if any of them are old or really worth keeping. I've recently fallen in love with sheet masks. I really love the easiness & convenience of just disposing of it & rubbing in the excess product it leaves behind.

But, let's talk about this mask! The Glow Mask is really amazing. Surprisingly, this is actually a mask you apply in the morning. To give you that extra boost of hydration & a glow much needed to start your day. I don't think I have anything quite moisturizing or nourishing in my collection. It applies like a moisturizer in my opinion. Pretty easy to wash off too. Just leave on for 5 minutes & rinse. After applying it, my skin looked pretty good. It did leave a little glow *no pun intended*. It's really one of the best masks I've ever tried. If you're looking for a mask that is really moisturizing & will keep your skin feeling & looking smooth, this is the mask for you!

Its ingredients are pretty amazing too. Made with Shea butter & Cocoa butter (which btw, because of these butters, the mask smells amazing! Please do not try & eat it lol!), that locks in moisture & deeply hydrate's so your skin doesn't feel thirsty. Also created with Goji Berry Extract. Which is packed with antioxidants your skin needs. Arabica Coffee Seed Oil to perk up & firm your skin. & lastly, included are Cranberry & Raspberry oils to help brighten the skin.

Overall, I see myself having to re-up on a mask or two in the future. Thankfully it only costs $21.95! Not bad in comparison to other masks I have purchased.

Everyday Face Moisturiser

I definitely am always on the hunt for a good moisturizer. My skin is dry 99% of the time. However, lately, my skin hasn't felt so dry. I'm not sure if it's my recent water intake or what. But I've been loving my skin. I still have to moisturize. Even if it is like 85 degrees outside. Moisturizing is very imperative to a daily routine. Whether you have combo or oily skin as well. I feel this moisturizer definitely helped smooth everything down & keep my skin looking healthy. It's not a thick moisturizer, to be honest. It's pretty creamy

I find this moisturizer to be pretty creamy but not thick. It's lightweight but covers enough that you can feel the hydration coming over your skin. I swear I snapchatted & posted on my IG story & everyone complimented my skin. How healthy & radiant it looked. That's what I'm looking for in a moisturizer & overall skincare line. The ingredients are slightly similar to the Glow Mask. They have the Arabica Coffee Seed Oil & the Shea & Cocoa Butters. But it's also packed with Vitamin E, to help smoothen your skin. & made with Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil & Sweet Almond Oil to hydrate but not clog your pores.

Final Thoughts

I was under the impression that Frank Body only created body scrubs & was just another hyped up Instagram scrub company. But I was totally wrong. I am very much so shocked by how well each one of these products worked with my skin. Usually, I would love a product & rave about it. & then after a couple of uses, the product just doesn't seem to perform very well like it did the first time. I think a lot of these skincare products just really isn't meant for "all skin types" as they say. I've tried a couple of skincare products for dry skin & a lot of them hydrated my skin for like a few hours & my skin reverted back to having a little texture & feeling just dry. So I am quite pleased I have come across a skincare line that really works for my skin. I'd have to see how these will work out in the winter months, but I have a feeling I will love them the same. I hope to soon try out their Lip Scrub & Lip Balm Duo. I suffer from really dry lips & I am always needing something to scrub off the dead skin & help hydrate my lips as well. Let's hope soon I can get my hands on it. For $17 & free shipping for USA Babes is a deal for me!

What are your fave skincare products as of late? Anything you want to try? Let's chat below 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Frank Body – All Natural Skincare Review

  1. WUNMS

    I’ve actually got a coffee body scrub sitting in my top shelf that I’m yet to use (not frank body but still), you’ve inspired me to give it a try lol.
    That cleanser sounds nice! Great review and love your photography as always x

  2. Courtenay

    This sounds like a line I would try if I ever stop using the regime I use, since the products are natural! Do you feel that you’d get a lot of use out of the mask? Sometimes I don’t like to spend money on masks because I feel like I use too much of it each try, and only use it a couple times before it’s finished.

    This sounds like a good brand!

  3. Velvet Blush

    The scrub and mask sound amazing! I agree that most scrubs are far too harsh, and do more damage than good. I have dry skin too, and all these products sound perfect really x

    Velvet Blush

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