Is Mac High End or Nah?

Hey! Happy Tuesday everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope better than mine, I was working -_- & preparing for this crazy snowstorm about to hit the NorthEast! I guess having a snow day wouldn’t be so bad. I can catch up on shows, create more blog posts! I am in the process of transitioning my blog from beauty reviews to more lifestyle posts. That was actually the goal from the beginning. However, I don’t feel like I have much of a “life” to blog about lol! Nonetheless, that will change. & very soon 😉

As you can tell from the title, this isn’t going to be like one of my other posts. I was on Facebook, per usual, scrolling by when I saw a status by a friend of mine. She stated this – “Mac is not a high end or luxury Makeup Brand #ThisIsNotADebate” [end quote]. At first, I was like “wait, hold up a minute!” & then I sat back like “actually…” See I am a huge Mac Cosmetics fan. I have been since I got into makeup 5 years ago. It was the first brand I even purchased from before really diving into more drugstore brands & going to Sephora. So I get a bit defensive when someone says something about Mac lol! 
I had to really look at her statement & sort of analyze what she said. Some of the commenters on her post agreed. Stated such things that quality is “shitty.” One commentator even compared Mac to YSL, Armani, Burberry, Dior. Basically luxury brands. Others have mentioned back before Estee Lauder brought them out, they were a pretty luxe brand. The one comment that struck out to me was one girl said “If I can’t find it at Walgreens target Walmart rite aid or CVS then I think it sure is and if it’s over $30 a foundation yeah it is lol[.]” I initially had to step in because again, I get defensive of Mac & it’s brand sometimes lol! But it was mostly to join the conversation! Although I didn’t agree I also didn’t agree. This is what I said:

It’s not a high end or luxury brand. It doesn’t really have a set category. However, it is one of the few brands (or was) that was really involved for makeup professionals. YSL, Chanel, Tom Ford (to name a few) those are fashion houses! They created makeup brands so that an “everyday” woman had access to their products since they cant really afford their luxury goods (i.e. handbags, shoes, gowns). That’s the reason behind that honestly. But Mac, as I always say, was never intended for the everyday woman. It was for professionals & artists. That work on models, that work on celebrities, work on actors & movie sets. Runway shows. It was really intended for that. For more so studio & avant-garde makeup. But then they realized they would create a huge gain if they became more public. I do however feel with them not being cruelty free completely, that is hindering their sales by a lot! If they can pull away from China completely, it might be a better look for them! I will forever be a Mac girl. I love a lot of their products. I do however feel they need to reformulate a lot of their foundations. Change around some things. They’re in deep competition with a lot of brands like Cover FX & Becca. Cover FX is vegan & cruelty free. Their products are truly amazing as well! It sucks but Mac needs to do major revamping! Major reformulating as well. But I still love Mac. I love most of their products.

I do believe Mac is not a high-end/luxury makeup brand. I also do believe they do not have their category either. They aren’t a specific type of brand. For example, medium makeup brands to me would be Anastasia Beverly Hills, Urban Decay & Too Faced. Mac may so fall between medium & high-end. But in terms of makeup & quality, I don’t find them to be categorized at all! Mac has a lot of competition right now. I hate to say it, but there are better brands out there besides them right now. Nars & Lancome right now are truly leading in the industry, especially for WOC. I stand by what I said; if Mac became completely cruelty-free & pulled from China, they would make a huge comeback! But sales have declined in the past few years. The last time I ever saw huge excitement for a collection was Rihanna’s. Otherwise, I haven’t really seen too many folks really buying out collections since then (minus Mariah Carey & Selena’s collections). & this is coming from someone that would buy 4 of each lipstick from collections. Spending $300 to $500 on Mac collections! Staying up til midnight, waking up every hour to purchase products. Waking up early on release day & heading to the mall. So yeah I was a die-hard makeup junkie! However, now you couldn’t pay me to do that again. If I miss something, then oh well lol!

Mac Cosmetics will always be my fave brand. There’s nothing wrong with venturing out to other brands. It took me a while to really go into Sephora & buy up some makeup. Like I thought Sephora was expensive at one point. I would never walk in there, except to buy perfume lol! I mean it still is expensive. Yet now I can’t even stop myself from going inside one lol! I just kind of hate when people dog Mac like Mac doesn’t have a shade range for all skin tones! Like Mac really wasn’t on top just a few years ago. Although a lot of their foundations can run a bit orange or red, they were one of the few brands I saw that had a wide range of shades for POC. Drugstore brand foundations were out for me! I couldn’t even find my shade in most of the brands. This is why back in the day, Mac was on their game! I still think they should reformulate their foundations, fix customer service at stores (I won’t even go there today with that!), & pull from the Chinese market.

It says a lot that they’re branching out to Ulta. As much as I love Ulta, I was taken aback by that. Considering Mac is a prestigious brand. Nonetheless, Ulta has definitely come up in the past few years as well! Years ago, I would only go to Ulta for NYX products & Real Techniques brushes. That was it. Now they’ve really improved & that says a lot if they’re going to carry Mac. This makes me wonder if Mac will in the future pull from brick & mortar stores, counters & mall spaces & remain at specialty retailers. I do wonder why they didn’t go to Sephora. I am it’s something they will achieve in the future. But we shall see!

I think I will make a separate post or posts on my fave low end, medium end, high end, luxury & indie makeup brands. Might even do a small series for my blog. I’m sorry for my posts always & forever being long lol! I truly have a lot of thoughts & I try to get them all out at once lol! I may have missed a few things but it’s no biggie.

Let me know what you think? Is Mac really not considered high-end? Do you consider it high-end? Do you feel it is even categorized in anything? Let’s chat! 😀


5 thoughts on “Is Mac High End or Nah?

  1. Beauty Queen

    I pretty much agree with all you've said. I'm not a die hard MAC fan because I've never found their foundation to fit me for the reasons you mentioned. However I do respect them for being a first brand to have truly deep foundation colors for WOC. I also was like you killing myself to get collections, where as now I could almost care less. It also irritates me that they never had any sales. If Armani, YSL etc can have sales so can MAC. IMO they're not that great to be above sales. I see since the decline in MAC excitement they have offered a few sales but they need more. Also the whole China/animal testing is a buzz kill; bad for business. TFS

  2. AmberRosee

    Great blog! When I first started wearing makeup, it was Mac products and it was only their foundation, was probably the wrong shade and that's all I was wearing because of my
    Mom! Lol when I heard the news of them coming to Ulta I was likeeeee what …. complete shock, I never saw them coming to a store like Ulta, maybe more so Sephora but Ulta ?!? We shall see how this goes!

  3. TheFredaLee

    I'm a MAC fan most of my make up come from that brand, if not then NYX and Sleek. I do believe its high end, but not high end up there like Charlotte Tilbury, Dior & YSL. I'm not sure about the US, but it is quite up here in London.

    Still waiting for a sephora to pop in London too ha.


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