When Life Hands You Lemons: Where Have I Been?

Hello everyone! Is it too late to say “Happy New Year?” I know I’ve abandoned my website 🙁 & while I have no clear explanation as to why, I’ve really been feeling so discouraged since the New Year started. Also so down. I think a lot about my brother. In my last post, I went into a little detail that my brother passed in the beginning of December. & I think of him so much. I know if he were alive, he wouldn’t want me to be sad. He’d want me to rejoice, & make lemonade out of lemons basically lol!

Nothing really has been new for me. I’ve been looking to rebrand my entire site & social media accounts. But with working back to back literally & having no weekends off, it’s been so hard to live a normal life these days. While I need to work to pay for things I need & bills, I really don’t want to feel like I’m living just to work. That’s never a good feeling. Especially when your job demands so much of you but pays so little. Blogging use to be my escape but even this is feeling overwhelming somewhat. I feel like I need to keep up with other people just to continue to be noticed. & that doesn’t feel genuine after a while.

Also the Instagram algorithm has really depressed the hell out of me. I feel it changes daily! Some days are good & some days I’m like what is even happening right now? I hope IG fixes their algorithm for good. Stop messing with things if they weren’t broke to begin with. Hate seeing posts from like 3 or even 6 days ago on my feed. I barely see anyone’s posts these days. I follow about 1.4K+ individuals & I find that I barely like any posts these days.

Hopefully in the next few months, I will be back on my blog. I’ve started a 21 Day Challenge. But I’ve been slacking. I was so for it the first 2 weeks. But now I’ve put that off as well. I’m more tired these days. Literally work has me drained. & when I have a day off, I can’t enjoy it. I have major anxiety because I have to wake up at 6am the next day. & be in bed by 9pm in order to have a good amount of sleep hours. I hope to shake off this feeling. But being overwhelmed & stressed don’t mix well 🙁

I hope you all are super well! Tell me what’s new with you all? I hope you all are doing far better than I am! Take care yourselves always 🙂

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