Frank Body – All Natural Skincare Review

If you know me well, then you know that I have a huge love for skincare. Although I have normal to dry skin type, I'm always on the hunt to try new things just to keep my skin moisturized & hydrated. However, lately, I've realized that a lot of products I've used & have been using just isn't for my skin type. Most of these products dry out my skin very badly. Not really leaving it to look healthy or radiant overall. I feel like I have to continue using the product. Not noticing that it's really not doing my skin any good or even truly working. Which I've learned is the approach by most skin care companies.

Just the other day, I was sent some skincare products from Frank Body. I don't usually get sent skincare products. So it's always some excitement when I get some in the mail. Now, if you don't know who Frank Body is, they're an Australian based coffee scrub company. They rose to fame on Instagram. I'm sure you're thinking, "not another coffee scrub company!" Okay, maybe not but hear me out lol! I find their approach on IG isn't to be another coffee scrub distributor. I actually have their coffee scrub & it's pretty amazing. It isn't so gritty or harsh on my skin. I've tried other body scrubs & I feel like my skin gets super dry after using them. Or they leave behind scrub particles even after rinsing. I'll definitely have a review on their scrub soon.

I just tested out these products & gave a demo on my snapchat & Instagram stories. I'll probably do a YouTube video as well. Just need to figure out how. But for now, here is my in-depth review & overall thoughts on their skincare products.
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Jouer Cosmetics High Pigment Lip Gloss Review + Swatches

jouer cosmetics high pigment lipgloss

This post is long overdue but Jouer Cosmetics just released some highly pigmented lip glosses & I couldn’t be more excited! You get 14 shades, all ranging from nudes to pinks to some vibrants. Some shades would be perfect for the summer. But they seem to work for all year round.

Let’s start with the fact that these glosses are super pigmented! One swipe of any one of these & the color payoff is amazing! Something a little unheard of with glosses. I think these days, a lot of companies are working on creating less sticky & more comfortable wearing glosses. Again, the color payoff is great. & most importantly, they don’t settle into the lines of your lips. I hate getting a beautiful gloss & it settles into the lines. They also smell like cotton candy to me! It’s a sweet but subtle scent. Continue reading

How I Create My Flat Lays For Instagram

Hey, everyone! Last week was so busy for me! So drained from my job. I literally don’t have any energy to do anything once I am off from work. This week I picked up some shifts. I’ll be working 6 days straight! 😩 Need the funds but I am not happy with the thought of being there for 6 days 😭 I had to take a break from Instagram. I needed to recollect my thoughts. I hope my motivation to create posts for my Instagram will soon come back this week. I’ve been feeling a little unmotivated, to be honest. Depression is a bitch. I have products that need to be reviewed. Swatches that need to be done but I am feeling so blah πŸ˜•

Ironically, I’m here to talk about Instagram anyhow! I recently saw a post in a group I run on FB, about creating flat lays or flat layouts as they are called. A lot of people ask me what I do to create my flat lays. Honestly, they’re pretty easy to do & achieve! Here’s some information on how I create my flat lays/layouts for my Instagram. Continue reading

My Blogger Journey: Reasons Why I Became a Blogger

Hola loves! Bienvenidos! Recently I’ve been sent some messages that really lifted my spirits. I’ve had a few girls come to me stating that they started blogging because of my blog. Or that my blog was really good & that I should never give up. I’ve been super down lately! Super discouraged, so those words really helped me & allowed me to get by. This encouraged me to tell you my story & why I went into blogging in the first place. I think this would be a good time to talk about it πŸ˜€ Be prepared for a long story lol!

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Not Your Mother’s Naturals Curl Defining Product Review

Hello, everyone!! Happy June! Can’t believe we’re half way through the year! This year is just flying by. So many changes coming about. And speaking of changes. If you haven’t noticed already, I finally migrated to WordPress! It’s taking some time to adjust but I am teaching myself how to maneuver through the site little by little. I was always saying I wanted to switch over to WordPress. But I had no idea it would be so hard to use lol! I find Blogger (Blogspot), to be easier to use. I’ve been using Blogger for years now. However, WordPress is a lot better for bloggers. As far as SEO goes & other plugins you can add to further help your platform. It’s pretty neat overall πŸ™‚ Continue reading

YSL Mon Paris Perfume Review

Happy May you guys! I am so excited for a new month & for some new goals! I’ve received some new stuff & I just have to share them with you all. So lately I’ve been on this fragrance high. I don’t know why, but I binge on things for a little & move on to something else. Like just a month ago I was on a skin care binge! Just anything skin care, I needed. But I noticed I have a lot of that now, & most of it isn’t really getting used either. So I had to slow down a bit. Now I’ve moved on to another binge lol! I don’t really buy perfumes. I was always that girl who went to Bath & Body Works or Victoria’s Secret & just purchased body mists. I always found any fragrance perfume to be super expensive. I just couldn’t see myself dropping $100+ on a bottle.
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Top 10 Beauty Influencers? Forbes You Effed Up Sis!

I’m here with another chitchat blogpost, y’all!! πŸ˜€ So I think we all have seen the article floating around with Forbes introducing their “Top 10 Beauty Influencers” of this year (even though we just hit the second quarter of the year *insert eye roll* Like sis, where’s the logic?). If you haven’t, here it is! Now I don’t think that there was much wrong with the list (yes I did). Although I don’t believe that Jeffree Star nor Manny Mua should’ve been on that list. I cannot consider them influencers, especially JS. But I truly digress lol! However, the main issue was that not one black beauty influencer was apart of that list. We have a slew of black YouTube Vloggers, a few who have reached 1 Million subbies at that. & who have a heavy following on Instagram! & for this, I will give you MY Top 10 BLACK Beauty Influencers!Β 
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Is Mac High End or Nah?

Hey! Happy Tuesday everyone! How was everyone’s weekend? I hope better than mine, I was working -_- & preparing for this crazy snowstorm about to hit the NorthEast! I guess having a snow day wouldn’t be so bad. I can catch up on shows, create more blog posts! I am in the process of transitioning my blog from beauty reviews to more lifestyle posts. That was actually the goal from the beginning. However, I don’t feel like I have much of a “life” to blog about lol! Nonetheless, that will change. & very soon πŸ˜‰
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ABH x Nicole Guerriero Glowkit Collab

Happy Thursday yall! So yesterday I received my package from Sephora! It’s Anastasia Beverly Hills new glow kit with YouTuber & beauty influencer, Nicole Guerriero called Nicole Glow. I was pretty excited for it but waited until I saw it on more WOC to make my decision. My IG homie, Spence (spencesbeautydepot), posted swatches on this palette! & I was immediately sold. She purchased hers in-store. I know some stores already had it available early. I purchased mine on Sunday morning via the app. I did 2-day priority mail, still arrived in 3 days *rolls eyes*. But it’s here now!
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Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip Review

Hey Y’all! It’s been a minute but I’m back & have I got a review for you! It’s going to be really long. So grab a snack, dinner, or what have you lol!

First & foremost, let me apologize for abandoning my blog. Things have been going on & I kept putting my blog to the side. & each day I went to work on it, I just ignored it & well, here I am 2 months later. I’m planning some things. I may move my blog over to WordPress. I’m about to create a YouTube channel (working on getting my camera & lighting as of right now). I really want to make 2016 something, even if it’s going to take me a while to get somewhere, at least let me start now. It’s gone take some time, but I will be more motivated to work on me & my blog. Continue reading