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LottaBody Hair Products Review + First Impressions

Hey, everyone! So lately I’ve been on a huge hair care product binge & have finally decided to take my natural hair journey more seriously. I really want my natural hair to truly flourish & be great come next year. I was using up products in the last few months that I thought worked for my hair, & it just didn’t. Not until I came across LottaBody hair products.

I recently cut a lot of my ends off. Although I cut off about 90% of the damaged ends in my hair, I still had a few strands. & I noticed my hair was always tangled or more dry towards the ends. I’ve also cut out using heat on my hair. I was one to always use heat. It’s been 6 months since I put any heat on to my hair. That’s helped tremendously with hair growth.

Now, I don’t think too many people know of LottaBody. I surely didn’t until a friend of mine had made a review on their products. I was very interested since they have a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. I’ve in the past purchased products because they would advertise “hydrating,” “nourishing,” or “moisturizing,” into their marketing strategies. However, this brand definitely held up to their branding strategy. I really thought the products were expensive. Like As I Am or Camille Rose expensive. But they’re in the low numbers. Like $5 or $6! They feel like expensive, quality hair care products to me. & work amazingly well with my 4B/4C type hair. Their products are curated with Coconut Oil & Shea Butter oils (2 things my hair loves!).

Hydrate Me Moisturizing Shampoo

The shampoo definitely wowed me. I was shocked because it had a creamy feel to it but it lathered up pretty good. Did not at all strip my hair. If anything, it kept it more moisturized. Something I look for in shampoos. Lots of shampoos just dry my hair out terribly. I’ve gone through a ton of shampoos. Especially when I was transitioning. What worked when I transitioned, definitely doesn’t work now! So I am so so happy to have found a shampoo that just works for me.

Hydrate Me Moisturizing Conditioner

Possibly one of the best conditioners hands that I love! It’s creamy, has a very nice texture & has a slip to it that my hair adores! I have trouble finding great conditioners as well. Like for shampoos, I find some conditioners dry out my hair or they don’t apply enough moisture. Some conditioners have this dry feel to it. Hate those. I feel like they don’t penetrate into my hair follicles. But again, this conditioner is a must have for my type 4 girls! I’ve even done a deep conditioner with it as well. Probably unorthodox but the results were satisfying ๐Ÿ˜Š

Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk

Okay y’all. Let me just say I am always on the prowl for curling cremes! I’ve tried A TON! Some did well, while others did okay. I’ve even tried the kid stuff in curling cremes. While that helped for a short time, I think my hair got used to it or it just wasn’t for my hair overall. But this one, hands down is the curling creme I’ve been needing! Although it is a milk, it’s not in liquid form. It’s definitely creamy. It’s not heavy at all & it isn’t super slippery either. However, my hair soaks it up so nicely & doesn’t feel weighed down or greasy after I take down my style. I usually do a twist out every wash day. Or what may be a twist out ๐Ÿ˜‚ I do find it defines my curls for sure. I’ll definitely try a wash & go soon to see how it will hold up.

Shape Me Custard Gelรฉe

I’m not too crazy on custard like gels, to be honest. Or “liquid like” gels. I have one from a brand I recently purchased & I really hate it ๐Ÿ˜ž I don’t hate it but I can’t seem to love it if that makes sense. This one gel product here isn’t like other gels I’ve tried. Although it’s not solid like a regular gel or edge control, it is pretty moisturizing & I feel it seals in my oil & curling creme. When taking down my twist-outs or Bantu knots, I find my hair has a healthy sheen to it. & my curls are actually popped out as well. I really love the way this custard gel works for my hair. Doesn’t leave my hair crunchy at all. & it has a great consistency to where a little bit will go a long way.

Final thoughts

Overall, I find this line to be amazing! Whether natural or relaxed, please try out these products! I hope to try out more products soon. I’ll have to order online since there aren’t any stores near me that sell this brand ๐Ÿ˜• I love the results the next day with my hair. It always feels soft & lush. There’s always this taboo on type 4 hair. Because it is pretty coarse Because assume it’s unmanageable. & while that may be true to some extent, if you create a routine for your hair & stick to it, your hair would probably flourish & be great. & I find that goes for any hair type honestly. I’ll soon have a post on my routine!