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Being x Sanctuary at Ulta

*This post is sponsored by Being and Her Campus Media. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Just A Little Glow possible!*

Hey everyone! So is it just me or are people really leaning more into body care lately? With all of the latest trends of glowing skin, it’s only right that we start with freshly, exfoliated skin. Some time ago, I went into Ulta & came across a brand called “Being.” It’s packaging is what caught my eye off hand! I’m a sucker for cute, quirky packaging. I’ve now collaborated with the brand to bring you a review on some products I received.

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BioClarity Clear Skin System Review

This is a sponsored post in partnership with BioClarity! All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Just a Little Glow possible!

It’s only Monday & I already feel like I’ve been hit by a truck & a NYC train all at once y’all. I had a very good weekend. On Saturday I worked but on Sunday I had the day off. The beau & I decided why not go to the city for the day & enjoy ourselves? I had a really great time! We strolled around the city. I went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park/Dumbo for first the time in my life. I have never been there.

I know you’re probably thinking “that’s strange. Aren’t you from NYC? Brooklyn to be exact?” Indeed I am. But growing up in the city, monuments like the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island, in my opinion, are not created for the people of NYC to go & just visit. They’re tourist attractions honestly. But that’s neither here nor there. I was very much so happy to have seen the Statue of Liberty from afar (which I actually did visit once on a school trip when I was doing my EMT program back in 2010). & the new Freedom Tower just across. It was breathe taking & never in my 27 years of living, did I think I would be there. I just didn’t get to walk the Brooklyn Bridge. That will happen next time for sure!

In the midst of all of that, it was very hot! It wasn’t very humid but the sun was bright, shining & beating on my back. & yes, I had on makeup. & yes, I felt like my face was melting off as well lol! Which is crazy because I did set my makeup. But with NYC’s heatwave & the grime & dirt in the air, my skin always feels like it’s crawling once I leave & come back home to Connecticut. I immediately have to shower all of the city’s pollution from my skin πŸ˜‚ I also cleanse my skin thoroughly too.

I recently received some products from a company called BioClarity. They’re a monthly subscription box with plant based, cruelty free, vegan, all natural skincare line. It’s a brand targeted to teens & young adults with skin types prone to getting acne. But it is workable for anyone & everyone. Although I have normal to dry skin, my skin is prone to getting tiny bumps here & again. Also a pimple or two. Either from stress or just not eating right that week.

As of lately, using all natural skincare has been important for me & my skin. Although I do not have oily or sensitive skin type, I am getting older as well. I do not have that youthful, pretty, clear skin I once had like 10 years ago.

I probably do my makeup like 6 times a year. I’m not really allowed to wear makeup at work so that’s one reason. I seldom go out. My days off are very minimal. I stay home & rest. Very, very seldom do my boyfriend & I go out. Work schedules are pretty conflicting. But I do find at times I get little breakouts here & there on my forehead & on my cheeks. Whether I do my makeup or not. Since trying out Frank Body’s skincare line, I’ve noticed a difference in my skin for sure.

Step 1: Cleanse

The cleanser is probably one of my fave cleansers I’ve ever put on my face. It lathers up so nicely! I put some on my Clarisonic & I go to town πŸ˜‚ it’s really refreshing & my skin doesn’t feel tight or dried out after using it either. I do feel like it works deep into my skin without giving off this weird tingly, burning sensation that some other cleansers may do. Like charcoal cleansers. Enhanced with cucumber, green tea & chamomile, I find this cleanser to be more calming on the skin. Doesn’t feel harsh & doesn’t feel like you need a lot or need to do a lot for it to work as well.

The cucumber extract soothes & calms the skin. While the green tea is packed with antioxidants to detoxify the skin. & the chamomile extracts dirt and oil from your pores, while at the same time soothing the skin.

Step 2: Treat

I’ve tried treatment gels in the pass & a lot of them actually dried my skin out so bad. & they would work but the problem would still persist. I use to have bangs & the oils from my hair & the products I used, would clog up my forehead so bad! With this treatment you apply morning & night. & you dab over your problem areas. Mine are my cheeks & my forehead. It’s curated with oat kernels to help with hydration. But also with salicylic acid to help combat blemishes, decrease inflammation & shrink your pores. It’s only my second day using this product. But I can say it hasn’t dried out my skin much at all. Allow it to dry before moving onto step 3.

Step 3: Restore

The last step in this system & probably one of my favorites. This is BioClarity’s prestigious product. It’s created with Floralux which is a compound derived from Chlorophyll (the green stuff in plants). Its mission is to reduce redness & irritation. Jam packed with vitamins, it leaves this refreshed, cool feel over the skin. Thanks to the invigorating Licorice Root made into the gel as well. I found that my skin looked noticeably awake & it had a beautiful glow. Not once using this system did my face dry out terribly or feel dry after using either.

A few people have asked me if this line is scented. & it is not at all scented. I found no fragrance nor chemical smells either. Which is fine with me. Since I am sensitive to certain smells (due to the dyes & synthetics that some brands use in their ingredients) & some chemicals seem to give a reaction to my skin. For these products to be vegan & natural, it’s a win! There aren’t too many natural skincare products out there. Let alone plant based, vegan &/or cruelty free.

If you give this system a try, compare it to other skincare products you use now or have used in the past. Right now BioClarity has a promotion. You can get all 3 products for $14.95 instead of $30 for one month! Happy cleansing!

***DISCLAIMER*** Although everyone’s skin is different & this is an honest review on my part, please be sure to consult with your dermatologist for any skin concerns, product inquiries & questions.

LottaBody Hair Products Review + First Impressions

Hey, everyone! So lately I’ve been on a huge hair care product binge & have finally decided to take my natural hair journey more seriously. I really want my natural hair to truly flourish & be great come next year. I was using up products in the last few months that I thought worked for my hair, & it just didn’t. Not until I came across LottaBody hair products.

I recently cut a lot of my ends off. Although I cut off about 90% of the damaged ends in my hair, I still had a few strands. & I noticed my hair was always tangled or more dry towards the ends. I’ve also cut out using heat on my hair. I was one to always use heat. It’s been 6 months since I put any heat on to my hair. That’s helped tremendously with hair growth.

Now, I don’t think too many people know of LottaBody. I surely didn’t until a friend of mine had made a review on their products. I was very interested since they have a moisturizing shampoo & conditioner. I’ve in the past purchased products because they would advertise “hydrating,” “nourishing,” or “moisturizing,” into their marketing strategies. However, this brand definitely held up to their branding strategy. I really thought the products were expensive. Like As I Am or Camille Rose expensive. But they’re in the low numbers. Like $5 or $6! They feel like expensive, quality hair care products to me. & work amazingly well with my 4B/4C type hair. Their products are curated with Coconut Oil & Shea Butter oils (2 things my hair loves!).

Hydrate Me Moisturizing Shampoo

The shampoo definitely wowed me. I was shocked because it had a creamy feel to it but it lathered up pretty good. Did not at all strip my hair. If anything, it kept it more moisturized. Something I look for in shampoos. Lots of shampoos just dry my hair out terribly. I’ve gone through a ton of shampoos. Especially when I was transitioning. What worked when I transitioned, definitely doesn’t work now! So I am so so happy to have found a shampoo that just works for me.

Hydrate Me Moisturizing Conditioner

Possibly one of the best conditioners hands that I love! It’s creamy, has a very nice texture & has a slip to it that my hair adores! I have trouble finding great conditioners as well. Like for shampoos, I find some conditioners dry out my hair or they don’t apply enough moisture. Some conditioners have this dry feel to it. Hate those. I feel like they don’t penetrate into my hair follicles. But again, this conditioner is a must have for my type 4 girls! I’ve even done a deep conditioner with it as well. Probably unorthodox but the results were satisfying 😊

Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk

Okay y’all. Let me just say I am always on the prowl for curling cremes! I’ve tried A TON! Some did well, while others did okay. I’ve even tried the kid stuff in curling cremes. While that helped for a short time, I think my hair got used to it or it just wasn’t for my hair overall. But this one, hands down is the curling creme I’ve been needing! Although it is a milk, it’s not in liquid form. It’s definitely creamy. It’s not heavy at all & it isn’t super slippery either. However, my hair soaks it up so nicely & doesn’t feel weighed down or greasy after I take down my style. I usually do a twist out every wash day. Or what may be a twist out πŸ˜‚ I do find it defines my curls for sure. I’ll definitely try a wash & go soon to see how it will hold up.

Shape Me Custard GelΓ©e

I’m not too crazy on custard like gels, to be honest. Or “liquid like” gels. I have one from a brand I recently purchased & I really hate it 😞 I don’t hate it but I can’t seem to love it if that makes sense. This one gel product here isn’t like other gels I’ve tried. Although it’s not solid like a regular gel or edge control, it is pretty moisturizing & I feel it seals in my oil & curling creme. When taking down my twist-outs or Bantu knots, I find my hair has a healthy sheen to it. & my curls are actually popped out as well. I really love the way this custard gel works for my hair. Doesn’t leave my hair crunchy at all. & it has a great consistency to where a little bit will go a long way.

Final thoughts

Overall, I find this line to be amazing! Whether natural or relaxed, please try out these products! I hope to try out more products soon. I’ll have to order online since there aren’t any stores near me that sell this brand πŸ˜• I love the results the next day with my hair. It always feels soft & lush. There’s always this taboo on type 4 hair. Because it is pretty coarse Because assume it’s unmanageable. & while that may be true to some extent, if you create a routine for your hair & stick to it, your hair would probably flourish & be great. & I find that goes for any hair type honestly. I’ll soon have a post on my routine!

Frank Body – All Natural Skincare Review

If you know me well, then you know that I have a huge love for skincare. Although I have normal to dry skin type, I'm always on the hunt to try new things just to keep my skin moisturized & hydrated. However, lately, I've realized that a lot of products I've used & have been using just isn't for my skin type. Most of these products dry out my skin very badly. Not really leaving it to look healthy or radiant overall. I feel like I have to continue using the product. Not noticing that it's really not doing my skin any good or even truly working. Which I've learned is the approach by most skin care companies.

Just the other day, I was sent some skincare products from Frank Body. I don't usually get sent skincare products. So it's always some excitement when I get some in the mail. Now, if you don't know who Frank Body is, they're an Australian based coffee scrub company. They rose to fame on Instagram. I'm sure you're thinking, "not another coffee scrub company!" Okay, maybe not but hear me out lol! I find their approach on IG isn't to be another coffee scrub distributor. I actually have their coffee scrub & it's pretty amazing. It isn't so gritty or harsh on my skin. I've tried other body scrubs & I feel like my skin gets super dry after using them. Or they leave behind scrub particles even after rinsing. I'll definitely have a review on their scrub soon.

I just tested out these products & gave a demo on my snapchat & Instagram stories. I'll probably do a YouTube video as well. Just need to figure out how. But for now, here is my in-depth review & overall thoughts on their skincare products.
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Jouer Cosmetics High Pigment Lip Gloss Review + Swatches

jouer cosmetics high pigment lipgloss

This post is long overdue but Jouer Cosmetics just released some highly pigmented lip glosses & I couldn’t be more excited! You get 14 shades, all ranging from nudes to pinks to some vibrants. Some shades would be perfect for the summer. But they seem to work for all year round.

Let’s start with the fact that these glosses are super pigmented! One swipe of any one of these & the color payoff is amazing! Something a little unheard of with glosses. I think these days, a lot of companies are working on creating less sticky & more comfortable wearing glosses. Again, the color payoff is great. & most importantly, they don’t settle into the lines of your lips. I hate getting a beautiful gloss & it settles into the lines. They also smell like cotton candy to me! It’s a sweet but subtle scent. Continue reading

Not Your Mother’s Naturals Curl Defining Product Review

Hello, everyone!! Happy June! Can’t believe we’re half way through the year! This year is just flying by. So many changes coming about. And speaking of changes. If you haven’t noticed already, I finally migrated to WordPress! It’s taking some time to adjust but I am teaching myself how to maneuver through the site little by little. I was always saying I wanted to switch over to WordPress. But I had no idea it would be so hard to use lol! I find Blogger (Blogspot), to be easier to use. I’ve been using Blogger for years now. However, WordPress is a lot better for bloggers. As far as SEO goes & other plugins you can add to further help your platform. It’s pretty neat overall πŸ™‚ Continue reading

Colourpop Ultra Metallic Lip Review

Hey Y’all! It’s been a minute but I’m back & have I got a review for you! It’s going to be really long. So grab a snack, dinner, or what have you lol!

First & foremost, let me apologize for abandoning my blog. Things have been going on & I kept putting my blog to the side. & each day I went to work on it, I just ignored it & well, here I am 2 months later. I’m planning some things. I may move my blog over to WordPress. I’m about to create a YouTube channel (working on getting my camera & lighting as of right now). I really want to make 2016 something, even if it’s going to take me a while to get somewhere, at least let me start now. It’s gone take some time, but I will be more motivated to work on me & my blog. Continue reading