Top 10 Beauty Influencers? Forbes You Effed Up Sis!

I’m here with another chitchat blogpost, y’all!! 😀 So I think we all have seen the article floating around with Forbes introducing their “Top 10 Beauty Influencers” of this year (even though we just hit the second quarter of the year *insert eye roll* Like sis, where’s the logic?). If you haven’t, here it is! Now I don’t think that there was much wrong with the list (yes I did). Although I don’t believe that Jeffree Star nor Manny Mua should’ve been on that list. I cannot consider them influencers, especially JS. But I truly digress lol! However, the main issue was that not one black beauty influencer was apart of that list. We have a slew of black YouTube Vloggers, a few who have reached 1 Million subbies at that. & who have a heavy following on Instagram! & for this, I will give you MY Top 10 BLACK Beauty Influencers! 

To be honest, I am not upset, I am just more disappointed they couldn’t include one black beauty influencer. I can see if this had to do with longevity or the massive amount of accomplishments from doing YouTube. But Jeffree Star wouldn’t even be up there honestly if that were the case. Although he may have been known since MySpace days for mostly his music (I know this because I followed JS back in those days & listened to his music!). He wasn’t a beauty guru when Michelle Phan, Wayne Goss & the likes, were involved in YouTube. If anything, they should have put Patrick Star up there if we really want to be technical here. Considering he now works with major celebs & has come so far! So Forbes decided since JS wasn’t enough, why not included his left ball sack, Manny as well. *insert eye roll* Huge slap to Patrick, honestly. The other choices, they were well deserved. They each have been on YouTube for years now! I just think that list needs to be re-done or at least extended. & add more influencers, including black influencers as well. Heck, we have a ton of male beauty influencers (& hell nah, I am not thinking of James Charles! *insert major eye roll*)! We’ve got HeFlawless, Bretman Rock, Stahr Milan, MalibuDollface, Gabriel Zamora, Mac Daddy, Michael Finch just to name a few.

I know someone reading this, is probably thinking I sound like a hater or that I am super envious! That may or may not be the case, but I absolutely do not care what anyone thinks. This is the truth! Jackie Aina, Jennie Jenkins, Destiny Godley, just to name a few, have been the very ladies i’ve been watching for years now! I think we all know Jackie when she use to be LilPumpkin05! It was hard watching YouTube back in the day. Couldn’t ever find too many YouTubers that looked like me & did makeup. I learned so much from them, I still do! I love their attitudes, their drive. Their confidence. They’re also really sweet! It’s hard to come by gurus that are humble about their success. I’ve heard some terrible stories from other folks who have had bad experiences with meeting some gurus at events or just in public.
One way or another, the individuals on my list have influenced so many individuals, myself included! & I couldn’t be more proud to write up this post & feature them. My blogpost may not go viral, but that’s alright! I want folks to see, that there is so much more out there than just a Nikkie Tutorials or a Zoella (not that I have anything against those two amazing women!) But let’s be real here folks :/ I honestly thought I would see Jackie Aina on that list. I really did. I truly expected to see her. So it was a shock to me that there wasn’t not one POC. Or even Latina! Desi Perkins, Chrisspy, Lustrelux (Katy), Nicole Guerriero, have been in this YouTube world for yearsssss as well! I use to always watch Chrisspy. She put me on to NYC liquid liner! These women have major influence. Shame on Forbes for not digging deeper & expanding their list to even up to 25 or 50!

& this isn’t to take away from the ones chosen (yes it is lol!) however, why do we continue to prove ourselves time & time again?? We’re just as good, if not probably better. & not one POC could even be recognized on such a short list? I have a feeling someone at Forbes googled “most popular beauty gurus” & these folks popped up lol! When I saw Wayne Goss post on his FB that he was featured in the article, I was sooo excited! My excitement then came crashing down when I saw A) JS & Manny & 2) not a single POC. Not one. Like how is that even possible? Are they only here to influence non-POC? Can’t even tell you how many times, when I started watching YouTube, how I’ve watched ShannonXO (who, btw, I absolute love & I congratulate her immensely for her success). Thinking I can do the same eye looks & foundation routines. When it was just too different for me! Which is why I think it’s important to encourage our black beauty influencers. & also acknowledge from time to time.
We need folks to know, we have far more beauty influencers than the ones Forbes listed. I applaud each & every influencer on that Forbes list, I honestly do! They’ve all come a long way & it’s so hard now, more than ever before, to be a beauty influencer. Furthermore, I want to applaud these folks down below on my list as well! We’ve seen them grow, we’ve seen them lived their dreams or are just starting to, & it gives us a little reminder that we shouldn’t give up! You never know what curveball life is going to throw at you.

Anyhow, here’s my list! I hope I did these folks some justice 😀 It was more than 10 but oh well lol! *kanye shrug* Any other folks I am missing?? Please list them below & I will update this list! 
Poetic Drugs (81.2K IG Followers)
Jackie Aina (481K IG Followers, 1M Subs)
Jennie Jenkins (389K IG Followers, 605K Subs)
Makeup Shayla (2.4M IG Followers, 389K Subs)
Alyssa Forever (506K IG Followers, 1M Subs)
Irisbeilin (610K IG Followers, 791K Subs)
Sonjdra Deluxe (1M IG Followers, 754K Subs)
Ellarie (1.2M IG Followers, 312K Subs)
Teaira Walker (205K IG Followers, 422K Subs)
Rayce Boyce (1.5M IG Followers, 1.5M Subs)
Monica Style Muse (59.7K IG Followers, 100K Subs)
Shalom Blac (342K IG Followers, 276K Subs)
Ella Thai (48.8K IG Followers)
Patricia Bright (554K IG Followers, 1M Subs)
Ms Rosh Posh (641K IG Followers, 546K Subs)
Brittanie Evans (505K IG Followers)
Nitra B (183K IG Followers, 631K Subs)
Goldenxoo (35.1K IG Followers)
Allyiah Gainer (82.8K IG Followers, 125K Subs)
Missy Lynn (387K IG Followers, 519K Subs)
Bria Hall (216K IG Followers, 468K Subs)
MakeupD0ll (234K IG Followers, 572K Subs)
Cydnee Black (266K IG Followers, 611K Subs)
CKeyBeauty (22.4K IG Followers, 82K Subs)
Savannah Sylver (42.1K IG Followers, 173K Subs)
Destiny Godley (52.3K IG Followers, 366K Subs)
Kluermoi (167K IG Followers, 79K Subs)
Tyme The Infamous (390K IG Followers, 576K Subs)
YarisBeth (219K IG Followers)
Alissa Ashley (369K IG Followers, 564K Subs)
Arnell Armon (185K IG Followers, 137K Subs)
Kelsey Murrell (206K IG Followers, 563K Subs) 
Kendra Murrell (163K IG Followers, 563K Subs)
DISCLAIMER: Please be sure to credit me if you share, repost or even reference this post! Also, this is no way to bash anyone. This post was done for the soul purpose of opinions. Thank you!

11 thoughts on “Top 10 Beauty Influencers? Forbes You Effed Up Sis!

  1. CityBelle Chic

    THIS POST IS EVERYTHING!!! If I said I didn't notice the lack of color in their list, I'd be lyin. And it's quite a shame. Like, who's in charge of your marketing because they just turned a blind eye to a whole MAJOR demographic. Shame. But thank you for shouting out, and linking. I will be looking into some of these influencers.

  2. Makeup by Rosalyn

    I truly enjoyed reading this post!!!! You are absolutely correct! We as POC don't get enough recognition for our achievements and to add insult to injury they have Jeffrey Starr up there someone who has publicly said outright mean and disgusting things about POC. Forbes needs to get it together! Kudos to you for your post, I loved it!!!!

  3. Lilia Dee

    I personally think Patricia Bright should have been on the list. She's got over 1mil subscribers on YT and my girl is doing big, influential and inspirational things. #justsayin'

  4. Shaunie (trin815diva)

    Yes girl u absolutely right! Every time I look at articles about top Youtubers, all I see is Smosh this and Pewtie Pie gimme a freakin break


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