My Blogger Journey: Reasons Why I Became a Blogger

Hola loves! Bienvenidos! Recently I’ve been sent some messages that really lifted my spirits. I’ve had a few girls come to me stating that they started blogging because of my blog. Or that my blog was really good & that I should never give up. I’ve been super down lately! Super discouraged, so those words really helped me & allowed me to get by. This encouraged me to tell you my story & why I went into blogging in the first place. I think this would be a good time to talk about it 😀 Be prepared for a long story lol!

the beginning.

So back in 2010/2011, I was just getting into makeup. At this time, it wasn’t a huge thing like it is now. But it was little by little starting to be especially with beauty gurus on YouTube. I really wanted to be a makeup artist. So by 2012, I signed up for classes. The course cost $1800 I believe. At the time the program was being given in Connecticut & I lived all the way in New Jersey! Talk about dedication! However, so many mishaps came along the way. I wasn’t practicing much on myself. & I had no one to practice on. Everyone would tell me no or they didn’t have time. & it just showed me that people didn’t support me at all. Long story short, I was supposed to graduate from the course & this is just a few days after Hurricane Sandy hit. I asked my boss would she be able to give me the day off so I can complete the program & graduate. She told me no. I then tried to find coverage, & she was refusing that as well. & she also mentioned that if I called out, I would be fired. So I never completed the course. I also owed about $375 left of that $1800. & they told me if I came back, all I had to do was pay off the $375 & get my certification.

Although they gave me that option, a lot of things were going on at that time. I was living with a friend & things just went left basically. By then, the New Year started. I had to move & find a place. So I put that course on hold & onto the back of my head. Following those few months into 2013, it was just difficult. But I kept on practicing. Then I just felt super depressed. I stopped touching my makeup. At that time, I took a long break from IG. I just felt very alone & very unaccomplished. So those feelings lead me to purchase makeup. During this time, Mac Cosmetics was in their prime! They had amazing collections back to back. & I would buy everything! or nearly everything! I started to hoard makeup. It didn’t really fill that void but it was somewhat helping, or at least I think it was. After about 5 months, I still went back to doing my makeup but never to post on Instagram. I started to create product content posts at this time. I realized my page did well when I did swatches (of non-limited edition products) or posted my latest makeup haul more so than makeup looks.

how it all happened.
Come mid-2013 going towards the end of 2013, I was buying makeup even more now! Makeup buying & selling groups on Facebook were booming! This was way before we had an abundance of makeup groups. & with that, it helped me create content. Although all of that “helped” me back then, I realize I was doing too much! I was buying too much. & not using an ounce of it! A lot of my makeup posted on my IG, dating back to maybe 2015 & before, most of it I no longer have. I either sold it or gave it away. It was just too much for me Y’all! I can’t do that now. Buying 5 of the same product. These days 2 is a lot for me lol! I only buy 2 if I really, really like the product & I know it’s limited edition. But most of the time, I just buy one product & call it a day.

So all of that happened & then one day I decided to actually use the products I purchased & make reviews. & that opened up a whole new door for me! I received a ton of feedback. & well here I am now! I feel like this is my outlet. To talk about beauty & to showcase beauty products. Whether new, old or a fave of mine! Blogging has helped me in so many ways, to be honest. Although I get writer’s block, I feel lazy, or I don’t want to post anything, it gives me the drive to keep on pushing through. Having a blog & gaining traffic to my blog can be difficult. Some posts can reach 300 page views while others only reach maybe 70. I’m really trying my best overall to keep this up. But I love it & I know that nothing comes overnight.

just do it.
A lot of girls come into my inbox nearly weekly, asking me on how to get into blogging. & what it is they should blog about? & I try to tell them, if you want to blog, just do it! Don’t overthink it. Don’t overanalyze anything. Don’t look at other blogs & wish you were in that position. Because again, nothing is overnight! Instead look at other blogs, study them & feel inspired. You have to put in hard work, tears, faith & love into your blog & into yourself. & also remember that nothing in life is perfect. You learn from every mistake you make! That’s the beauty of growth.

I love to blog because I am not comfortable in front of a camera. I do not exude much confidence. I’m this socially awkward girl but I wouldn’t want it any other way. If you do decide to blog, just do some research first. Like which platform works for you. If you want to purchase a domain. What audience you want to target. Don’t worry about the topic of your blog. Although I write about beauty, I really want to talk about fashion. But then I also want to talk about food lol! I haven’t found my “niche” yet & that’s perfectly fine. I will continue to roll with this until I do!


10 thoughts on “My Blogger Journey: Reasons Why I Became a Blogger

  1. Sierra redmond

    I love this ! Patience really is key with new bloggers . It’s easy to look at others and wish you were where they are but it will come when it’s time . Keep going girl you’re doing an amazing job!

  2. Destiny A.

    I’m glad you shared your story. It’s good that you didn’t let your obstacles stop you for too long. I’m happy you kept pushing & look at you now. You’re doing good for yourself! 😊

  3. Ada Beauty

    Your journey is interesting, kudos for not giving up. Sometimes I get writer’s block as well but doesn’t mean I don’t love blogging. One thing that held me back for a long time is waiting for everything to be perfect first before putting out anything. You are right, better to just go for it. It’s a great way to express yourself.

  4. Victoria

    Thanks for sharing your blogging story. I’m sure it will help others who are thinking about starting a blog but are too timid to start. I have been blogging since 2011 personally. Shut down two blogs, rebranded my current blog twice, and still pushing.


    love this post! I think you would do great in front of a camera. I am super shy and never in a million years think I would have a YouTube channel. I’m still awkward on it but I am glad I did it! I love your blog. I agree that you just have to do it!

  6. Maya

    Hey girl! I need to start getting into make up yours looks so good! Thanks for sharing your journey! I just got into blogging a few months ago so, this was very inspiring!

  7. Courtenay S

    Thanks for talking about your journey 🙂 It’s always nice to see where people have come from and where they are now…..keeps me motivated. Also, really like the WordPress site!


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